Organizing and coordinating business activities naturally come along with managing documents, such as contracts, receipts, delivery notes, employees training info, pictures and more. Plustek eDoc provides an efficient file management cabinet to easily deal with these tasks. Converting the documents into searchable PDF after scanning makes it even easier.

Finance& Accounting

Organizing and coordinating cash flows, including the management of creditor and debtor documents, such as invoices, receipts, purchasing orders, bank and account statements, requires responsible hands. Traditionally, such papers would be manually processed and put on file in paper binders. This usually involves a lot of time and tedious ways to archives and cabinets. Plustek eDoc offers an innovative sync system; the documents can be automatically uploaded on both on Plustek eDoc and your PC with Plustek eDoc Cabinet. Meanwhile, the documents can be converted into searchable PDF; this is easier for further search and access.

Marketing & Sales

Market information, and sales reports, leading to competitive products, and customer oriented marketing materials is the key to successful business operations. Plustek eDoc offers an efficient sync and share services; to easily share marketing materials, or sales reports, with colleagues worldwide. In addition, clients can quickly obtain product information by URL, Email and QR Code via PC, tablet PC, and mobile phones, turning Plustek eDoc as a powerful marketing tool.


R&D departments naturally have special needs when it comes to filing and sharing confidential or sensitive information. Secure document management is most important. With Plustek eDoc, R&D departments can easily synchronize and efficiently share confidential files on a secure and safe platform. Converting the documents into searchable PDF after scanning makes it even easier.